Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Sha Warvo shrine location, treasure and puzzle solutions


The Sha Wharfu Shrine is located in the Tabantha Tower area, northwest of Reto Village, next to Flying Square. (See the gallery above for accurate positioning.)

SHA WARVO mysteries and treasure chests

Paragliding through the first two updates.
Defeat the Guardian Scouts below the place you land.
Open a Treasure Chest for Purple Rupees (worth 50 rupees).
Use the upstream to descend the moving platform, and climb the ladder.
Paraglide to the back of the towering column, where you will find a hidden upward stream to catch up with the top. (It’s in the column. This hidden wind will be in the subtitle of the shrine.)
From the top of the ascending plane (while suspended in the air), find the treasure chest that sits on a small platform, and paraglide there for a knight’s bow.
Return to the stealth update, meet Sha Warvo, and collect a spiritual orb.

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