Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: To Quomo shrine location, treasure and puzzle solutions

How to Find the Quomo Shrine: To Quomo is located northwest of Hyrule, in the Hebra Tower District. It’s actually underground, in the Hebra Great Skeleton, but you’ll find the southeast entrance from there, near the eastern edge of the Hebra North summit. Look on the map for a small square of water near some trees. (Browse the gallery below for the exact location.)

How to get to the QUOMO shrine

Travel to the base of North Al-Khobar summit as above.
Find a wall with high and double locked gates.
Step back uphill, and watch a small pool of water as you go.
Use Creons to create two blocks of ice that rise from the water and form a bridge.
Continue up to find the big snowballs.
Throw a snowball down the hill, as it rolls across the ice bridge you created and crashes onto the gates, opening them.
Follow through the underground cave to find the entrance to the actual shrine.

How to solve puzzles to QUOMO SHRINE and find treasure rocks

Enter the mausoleum located in the Great Skeleton Area of ​​Hebron underground.
Start ahead across the shrine to find a treasure chest that you can unlock for the Royal Claymore.
Head towards the exit, meet Quomo and collect a soul orb.

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