Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: The Eighth Heroine location and how to get sand boots

Breath of the Wild handles shields differently than other Legend of Zelda games, and sand boots are a typical example. The clothing, which allows you to travel faster through sandy environments, is the reward for completing The Eighth Heroine Side Mission. In this guide, we’ll show you how it’s done and where you want to go.

How to get the eighth side question to the hero

Travel to Gerudo Town in the southwest of Hyrule. (Daqo Chisay shrine is the closest warp point.)

Outside, you will find a man named Bozai running on the outskirts of town. Talk to him to unlock the side quest for the eighth heroine.

He’ll also give you snow boots, which allow you to travel faster while standing on your knees in the snow (you guessed it). This is especially important because the road to the bronze giant that you need to shoot with the camera is (shockingly) filled with deep snow.

At this point, you can return to Bozai to finish the mission. Or, you can do something that is not exactly uh just, but quite fast. There is another photo that you can take here and present to Buzai. Check out our side search guide for The Forgotten Sword if you’re interested.

How to complete the eighth side question of the hero

In short, you need to find and take a photo of the eighth titular heroine. The road to Guerdo Highlands (your destination) is full of treasures, so step-by-step instructions will show you a path to riches.

What you should bring: weapons and armor

Before you start climbing the mountains, wear warm clothes and snow boots that speed up your climb through the snow. If you are looking for a warm shield, consider the snow shield set you can get in Reto Village.

You must also equip firearms (and you can purchase fiery arrows in Gerudo town.) The enemies in front of you have a weakness in the cold. If you have a firearm and fiery arrows then you have a huge advantage. Several enemies fall with one hit of a flaming arrow.

How to find the eighth hero

The eighth heroine is in the Girdo Heights, northwest of the town of Giraudo. Browse the gallery above for the exact location.

To get there, you can rent a sand stamp and head northwest. Or, you can turn to the Koh Takar Shrine. We highly suggest starting at the mausoleum, because the road from there is completely filled with treasure.

Finally, it’s a long journey, so consider eating meals or drinking elixirs that boost your speed of movement.

The eighth mission of the hero

Travel to Koh Takar Shrine and head northwest, up the mountains.

Keep the magnet ready, and check it often. There are tons of treasure chests on the way that include things like golden bow, rupee, arrows of all kinds, and golden claymore. When you see a treasure chest buried in the snow, use a magnet to pull it out and reap the rewards.

When you get to the point above, use a glider on the ascendant to make some quick advances, always heading northwest.

How to take the right photo

You will likely reach the eighth champion while on a glider plane. Use it to land on her hands. Open the camera and take a picture of her head and torso, as shown above.

How to complete the eighth side question of the hero

Travel again to Daqo Chisay Shrine, on the outskirts of Gerudo Town. Talk to Bozai, and order your sand shoes. (You may have to chase him to find him, but his location will always appear on your map if you have an active The Eighth Heroine side mission.)

You’ll have to bring back the snow boots to get the sand boots, but visit Bozai in a tent near Gerudo’s main entrance, and the quest for The Forgotten Sword begins, which will bring you back the snow boots.

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