Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: Shai Utoh shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

The Ottoh tea shrine is hidden behind a cracked wall. You can find the location southeast of Faron Tower, towards Ubota Point (after Lakeide Stable).
The first step is to get to the shrine at all. Use a faraway bomb to destroy the cracked wall.
Once inside, walk forward to the swing. Release the slack rune and lock the swing in place so that you can climb on it without leaning.
On the top of the slope, repeat the process to swing in front of you. You’ll use this twice – once in each direction. To the right is a treasure chest containing the traveler’s sword.
Get down on the swing and do a back lift and recline movement to cross over to the left side of the room.
Head all the way to the back of the room. There are two types of hammock: one is at an angle that you can freeze (as if you have twice so far) and the other is horizontal but will flip once you step on it. You will need to balance the other end (the end closest to the monk) in order to get to the exit.
Go back to where you climbed up and use the magnets to grab the treasure chest you opened above. Carry it to the back of the room.
Stand on the end of the swing farthest from the entrance, lift the treasure chest as high as you can with the magnet, then drop it on the far end of the swing. When flying in the air, deploy your paratrooper and float left to the highest area of ​​the dungeon. It overlooks everything.
Walk to the end of the highest area (the furthest from the entrance) and drop down to get the treasure chest. Open it to an ancient essence.
Drop down and pick up the treasure chest with the magnet again. Place the treasure chest on the end of the swing away from the entrance. It will act as a counterweight, allowing you to go uphill like a ramp.
Use the slack on the horizontal swing, and cross it to claim spiritual felony.

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