Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Rota Ooh shrine location, treasure and puzzle solutions

How to find Rota Ooh Sharen

The RotaRota Ooh Shrine is located southwest of the Outskirt Stable in Hyrule’s Central Tower District. Browse the gallery below for the exact location, which is also southwest of the central tower and northwest of the Great Plateau Tower.

How to solve the Rota Uh shrine and find treasure rocks

Browse the gallery above to see the steps mentioned below.

To the right of the entrance, use Creon to create an ice block near the back of the water. (See the first image above for a good site.)
Climb up the ice block, jump on hard ground and capture the orange orb.
Throw an orange orb into the water you just came from, and swim to shore.
Throw the orange ball into the basket to the right of the place it entered. (See the third photo in the gallery above).
Hit the key with an arrow (or use hold the key). This will place the ball where it is required, tilt the area ahead and activate the launcher.
Step on the launcher and fly through the air.
Paratrooper straight ahead to the platform with the treasure chest.
From the platform with the treasure chest, slide into the northwest corner of the room to get the second treasure chest.
Go back to the launcher, and fly in the air again.
At your highest point, shoot an arrow at the switch again. This will rotate the platform underneath it so you land on the alternate configuration and walk to the exit.
Meet Rota Ooh, and Collect the Spiritual Orb.
Update: Thanks to Polygon Reader, who kindly pointed out that the original version of this guide omitted the first three steps.

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