Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Mirro Shaz shrine location, treasure and puzzle solutions


The Mirro Shaz Shrine is located in North Hyrule, in the Woodland Tower area. If you find a Woodland Stable, look through the neighboring Pico Pond to see the shrine. If you do not find the stable, you can quickly travel to Woodland Tower and look south. Paraglide south from the tower to find the stable, then turn left to the shrine. If you have enough stamina, you can do it in one slide. (Browse the gallery to see the exact location.)


Start straight ahead and follow the balcony straight to the elevator.
Go up the elevator to the basement of the shrine.
Head forward again to find a ball lying on a pedestal, with a crystal to the right (you can hit it if necessary, to summon another ball) and the treasure chest to the left.
Open the chest to get the iron hammer.
Face the orb head-on, looking across a body of water, and use the slack to freeze the orb in place.
Hit the orb five times with your heavy hammer while freezing in place, which will shoot it over the water.
If you’re shooting face to face, the orb should snap into place in a basin, raising a barrier to your left so you can proceed to the next room.
Use the slack on the square block, which rests on the lower end of the keel.
Hit the block several times to release it up, hammering a slab so that it creates a bridge that you can use to climb to a higher ledge.
Ahead, you’ll see Miro Shaz. Before you meet him, head to the left of his walled area, to find a hidden path that wraps around another elevator.
Go up the elevator to a hidden room.
Open the box to the left to get another iron hammer.
Go back to the right and face the metallic orb directly, looking over another water body with a platform far away.
Use slack on a metallic orb.
When the rune effect is in place, hit it exactly five times with the Iron Sledgehammer hammer, then quickly switch to a weapon with one hand and hit it again, all before the rune’s strength fades.
If you do this task correctly, a gate opens to your left and you can open the box to get the giant ancient core.
Return to Exit Zone, meet Mirro Shaz and collect Spirit Orb.

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