Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: Ishto Soh shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

The Ishto Soh Shrine is located in the southwest of the Lake Tower (to the east of the border with the Wastelands Tower District).

When you go down to the main floor, take a second to look around the shrine. In front of you is a moving platform, a control crystal, and some stone pillars leading to the treasure chest. Behind you, where you started, is a laser and another treasure chest.
Ignore everything else for now and head towards that back room down where you started. Hit the laser with your ability to slack – that stops the laser. Swipe past and hit the box to get Topaz.
Hit the time-frozen laser with your weapon or a distant bomb (or wait for your first stagnation and freeze it again). Your goal is to get it out of the stand and bring it into the main room.
Go pick up the laser and carry it on the mobile platform. Face the back of the room (toward where it started and the chest that contains the topaz) and adjust the laser so that it hits the control crystal every time it passes. This will turn the crystal on or off every few seconds causing all of the poles in the room to move.
Head to the fenced area on the right side of the room and ride the pillars towards the monk. When you reach the top, turn around and wait. The poles with which I was installed go down. Then, just before starting to move again, jump onto the wall of pillars and parachute across the room. Aiming at one of the low. (This may take a few tries, but it is possible. If you have a lot of trouble, you could do the same sliding up the slope on the left side of the room (which is faster to get back in), but we had a problem with this side more than the escalator problem. on the right.)
Run to the center and open the box to get an old core.
Go up the elevator and request the Spiritual Orb.

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