Thunderblight Ganon guide


Before you begin fighting Thunderblight Ganon, put on your rubber tights. They protect you from lightning damage, and boy is there a lot of that in this fight.

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If you don’t have rubber tights, you can get them through the Serpent’s Jaws shrine quest. It will make Thunderblight Ganon’s lightning-based attacks much, much, much easier to deal with. Or you can always cook yourself some food or elixirs that increase your lightning damage resistance.

Finally, and as always, consider reading our Hearty Durians guide, so you can get yourself as many as 20 extra (temporary) hearts. They really help with boss fights.


The first stage of combat includes Thunderblight Ganon lightning-fast moves and actual lightning attacks. You have to do two things: fend off and attack.

Repelling his attacks is straightforward. Just a lock. If you are electrocuted and drop your shield or weapon, carry it immediately. Once the block is completed, attack it. He will not deal any damage at first, but your attacks will break in his armor, until he is broken.

We used the Master Sword in our combat, which we suspect has been broken faster than other weapons. If you don’t have it, see our guide to getting the Master Sword. Or, use one of the weapons you get to defeat the Guardian scouts around Vah Naboris.

When it floats high to unleash glowing orbs, stay trapped but walk away from it. It makes avoiding these celestial bodies much easier.

The second stage of combat starts differently but ends the same way as the first stage.

Thunderblight Ganon begins to conjure the metal poles, push them to the ground near you and then strike them with lightning. If you are near, you will be damaged by lightning. It seems weird that you want to be pretty close. This is the trick at this point.

Use the magnet on a metal pole, and move the column close to Thunderblight Ganon. Lightning will strike him, knock him out of his game and return to a pattern similar to the first stage. Attack him and repeat the process until he dies completely.

Janon’s rewards are super bright
Defeat Thunderblight Ganon, and you’ll receive Urbosa’s Fury, which summons a lightning strike around you. To use it, just press Y.


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