Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide: Hell House boss fight

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you’ll fight a redesigned version of one of the strangest bosses from the original: Hell House. You’ll be fighting Hell House at the end of Corneo Colosseum, and you’ll need to use Materia carefully to take it down.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat the Hell House in Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


Hell House does indeed have a lot of vulnerabilities, but they change based on the current situation. Make sure you have the wind, ice, fire and lightning bolt material equipped between Cloud and Aerith. And if the Cloud Sword was equipped with some kind of initial damage, take it off for this battle.

How to beat the house of Hell

Hell House is a long battle, but it is manageable if you know what to do: hit the weakness of the house whenever possible, walk away from it during God Mode, and repeat.

Match HELL HOUSE damage dealt

The Hell House starts out to make a fire, but quickly changes between versions of snow, lightning, and wind. Depending on the situation, change the material you are posting to. The material opposite to any item the house is currently displaying will do the most damage:

The Red, On Fire Hell House: Cast Blizzard
Frozen Blue Hell House: Cast Fire
Blue Lightning Hell House: Cast Aero
Hell’s Green House and Wind: Cast Thunder
Frozen and lightning Hell House both use the same color scheme, so you’ll need to look for frost or sparkling lightning to see which is which.

Watch out for her huge body
Once the Hell House turns into a house-like mechanic, it will start flying around the room and attacking you. You’ll still need to match items, but that’s when Hell House will become a real boss instead of a puzzle.

The most dangerous ability in Hell House’s arsenal involves throwing its massive body towards you. Walk away from the Hell House whenever you can, and use its size to your advantage – it moves slowly, so it’s easy to know which step it will take next.

Back off while setting the house of God
Hell House will also get a new mode after it transforms: God House Mode, which makes Hell House take less damage from all attacks. You can do a little damage by attacking it, but you have to maintain your MP and your health and walk away until the situations turn out to be something else.

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